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Unlock your business potential with ServQuest® Point of Sale. Empower your staff to sell more while providing customers with multiple payment options.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity
maximize sales
Maximize Sales
reduce errors
Reduce Errors
increased profit
Enhance Profit

Streamline Day-to-Day Operations and Grow Business from Year to Year

Use flexible ServQuest® Point of Sale system for managing your entire business.

customer expirience

Improve Customer Experience

    check iconProvide multiple payment options.

    check iconAllow customers to split payments.

    check iconCover easy returns, exchanges, and refunds.

    check iconOffer clients gift cards and a loyalty program.

    check iconProvide personalized offers and services.

    check iconPerform great customer service and support.

Speed Up Your Workday

    check icon Use smart search for searching for needed information.

    check icon Employ quick access to the most requested items.

    check icon Scan items for adding to customer invoices.

    check iconSearch a client by the phone number.

    check icon Benefit from automated checkout.

    check icon Scan invoice receipts for returns.

speed up workday

inventory moving

Make Inventory Moving Faster

    check iconEstablish your price rules.

    check iconTrack unit costs and margins.

    check iconSet up seasonal promotions.

    check iconCreate coupons and special discounts.

    check icon Build targeted campaigns.

    check iconAnticipate future shopping trends.

Manage Customers Efficiently

    check iconSearch clients by phone numbers.

    check iconGather more customer information.

    check iconKeep shoppers’ purchase history.

    check iconKnow buyers’ shopping preferences.

    check iconKnow your top customers.

    check iconEstablish preferred communication.

customer management

inventory management

Simplify Inventory Management

    check icon Attribute a unique serial number to inventory.

    check icon Keep your inventory organized.

    check iconTrack items with barcode scanning.

    check iconDetect negative inventory levels.

    check iconInstall reorder point notifications.

    check iconIdentify old inventory and best-sellers.

Features Built for Your Needs

Prism Visual Software has been helping businesses for over thirty years; therefore, we know what your company needs to grow.



Controls are designed to allow a user-friendly experience on touchscreens. Touchscreen POS operates on desktops and mobile devices.

smart search

Smart Searches

Ability to choose which fields you would like to search. Smart searches enable searching for customers, inventory items, etc.


Ticket Entry

Quick and easily add items to customer orders and create invoices for ordered goods and services by the click on the button.

Quick Buttons

Quick Buttons

Quick Buttons allow for quick and easy access to the company’s most requested items. Nested folders can be used to help with organization.

barcode reader

Barcode Scanning

Supports USB and Serial barcode scanners. Can be used for scanning inventory items to add them to a customer’s invoice and scanning invoice receipts for returns. Helps employees to keep tracking inventory and serve more clients for less time by automating their everyday work processes.


AccountMate/ServQuest® Integration

Invoices created in the Point of Sale are brought automatically into AccountMate and ServQuest®. The ability to access ServQuest® functionality directly in the POS application allows companies to save time spent on data entry, reduce data errors, serve more customers, and increase business effectiveness.


Register Drawer Reconciliation

Register Tie-Out screen allows users to count and enter cash, credit cards, and checks in the drawer at the end of the day. It automatically creates Over/Under invoices if the register is Over or Under for any or all of these payment types. The user can also enter the amount to leave in the drawer for the next day.

card connect

Card Connect Integration

Works seamlessly with Card Connect Bolt devices to scan and charge credit cards, handle returns, and void transactions. Once the card is swiped and accepted, the Total Tendered will be updated automatically with the amount charged. The credit card payment processor allows safely and securely accept payments in-person.

customer search

Customer Search by Phone Number

The Quick Customer Search filter enables users to easily and fast find certain customers by their phone numbers.

payment options

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay in Cash, Credit Card, Check, or charge the amount of payment to their accounts. POS will calculate tax and change due.

split payments

Split Payments

Customers can split payments across different payment types. Give your clients the simplest way to pay without going above their credit card limits.


Accurate Reporting

Make smarter business decisions with real-time reporting and detailed data history. Customization options will give everything you need.