HVAC / Plumbing and Heating

HVAC / Plumbing and Heating


  • Scheduling and Job Reassignment
  • Visual Dispatching and Location Tracking
  • Route Optimization and Bing Maps
  • Call Center and Mobile Android App
  • Equipment Management & Low Inventory Alerts
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Tracking
  • Online Request for Field Service
  • Customer Specific Price Management
  • Integration with Third-Party Software
  • ACH and Mobile Payments
  • Automated Notification System
  • Customized Reporting and Data History
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Software Overview

Equipment Management Equipment Management

    Manage instruments and equipment inventory spread across multiple locations: warehouses, trucks, job sites, and other locations. Have full visibility over all parts to eliminate delays and issues HVAC / Plumbing and Heating service fulfilling. Track your inventory and assets and always know what parts you have on hand and their exact location. Manage and track inventory movement between locations. Set up item purchasing points to prevent shortages. See what parts were used and are automatically deducted from the specified location.

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Improve your scheduling efficiency by cutting down manual work and automating the scheduling process. Have complete visibility over daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Quickly schedule and assign jobs to your technicians and provide automated assignment notifications. Set up a repeating series of work once and be free from recurring jobs; the work calendar will be completed, work orders will be automatically sent to service technicians' mobile devices, and reminders about service appointments will be sent to customers.

route management software Route Optimization

    Support multiple service locations and create optimized routes based on most important restrictions such as mileage, fleet capacity, time windows, technicians’ experience, personnel availability, and duration at locations. Help your tech personnel be timely at points where and when clients need your service and to increase performance by minimizing driving time and reducing avoidable transportation delays. Less mileage and fuel consumption, more performed services, and higher revenue by one click.

dispatching  feature Dispatching

    Use a smart dispatch board to appoint the right technician to the right job. Reduce response times, enable technicians to get customer locations faster and in a less stressful way; provide field staff with real-time turn-by-turn directions. Track every step and have complete control over everything from the first customer contact to getting paid for performed service. Use the MiniMateTM mobile app to track the location and work time of your service personnel. Handle all ongoing tasks and know in advance who to assign the next job. Reduce labor cost and service time and increase service quality by assigning the most suitable technician.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Collect and organize your customers' contact information. Have easy access to customer service orders, billing history, service history, records, and help requests. Optimize communication with your clients. Set automated sending appointment reminders, billing alerts, payment checks, and other email and SMS notifications. Support affordable payment processing. Consolidate marketing management and customer relationship with a single software solution and close deals much easier. Monitor new leads and motivate present clients to expand their relationship with you. Compare and analyze quotes and sales progress.

Mobile app Mobility

    MiniMateTM mobile app fully synchronized with the ServQuestTM desktop software package enables managing and communicating with field technicians in a more efficient way and saving time to service more customers. Reduce calls’ capacity and improve technicians' communication with the office and customers, give them access to business real-time updated information from anywhere, and decrease manual processes that are prone to human error. Make it easy for technicians to fulfill their job at the site (even without the Internet connection), raise the quality of performed services, and take all of the best on the go.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Organize your data to quickly view the open orders, performed service history, customer information, recurring jobs, available equipment, and other details related to your business activity. Have real-time reports: staff productivity, new clients, customers’ second and repeated service requests, last performed services, last purchases, financial transactions and statements, and other important records.

Web Solution Web Service

    Give your customers an opportunity to order HVAC / Plumbing and Heating service online: select a service, check available dates and times, see quotations, download copies of invoices, pay for service, see order status updates, and more. Create secure online accounts for each technician and enable them to take information about created, closed, and in-process work orders.

Single ERP System Integration

    Organize, fulfill, manage, and control your business activities in the office, warehouses, and in the field with the complete 360-degree solution to handle your HVAC / Plumbing and Heating service. Integrate Prism VS’s easy-to-use and affordable software solutions with your accounting software system to eliminate double-data entry, errors in records, lost and incorrect data, and wasted time.

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