Plan Your Field Sales Personnel Workday with Routing Programs

Routing programs are a powerful tool designed by our software developers with the purpose to help companies performing field sales to plan, fulfill, monitor, and control their business activities via:

Prism Visual Software’s routing programs are the right solution for you if:

  • you spend much time on planning your field sales personnel workday; 
  • your route sales representatives spend more time on driving to customer locations than on serving your clientage; 
  • you want to plan your sales representative's workday by: o putting together all customers in the served territory or o serving your clients ranked by priority; 
  • you think about increasing the number of your permanent customers; 
  • you want your field sales representatives to have the ability to visit more clients while driving fewer miles; 
  • you dream of widening the sales territories;
  • you want to define the shortest drive between customer locations. 

Key benefits of using Prism VS’s desktop and mobile routing software:

  • spending less time on planning route sales representatives’ workday; 
  • driving fewer miles to clientage locations; 
  • decreasing fuel costs and CO2 emissions; 
  • defining new sales territory with optimized routes; 
  • serving more customers for the fewer time; 
  • focusing sales representatives' work on important customers; 
  • visiting every client at the right time.

No customers are forgotten via the automatically checking the customer calls and sending work tickets to the map for optimization the driving route. Such algorithm allows companies to implement their sales strategy consistently and successfully.

Every customer is unique as has his or her certain business hours, planned holidays, order frequency, preferences, and other characteristics. With our routing programs seamlessly integrated with the customer relationship management (CRM) software, companies have the ability to define and maintain the visit duration for each particular customer and serve clients with high priority first of all.