Plan Your Daily Routes with the Multi-Stop Route Planner

Plan deliveries with the multi stop route planner

Delivery business can be efficient in one case only, companies need to plan their deliveries in an effective way with the optimization of the multiple stops routes. We have created for organizations specialized in the route sales and pre-order delivery products and/or services. With our multi-stop route planner creating the optimal routes is easy as one, two, three:

  1. you enter the delivery locations
  2. for the few minutes find the most optimal route with the multi-stops at customer locations;
  3. export the delivery route to your mobile handheld device and get a live map with Google Maps.

Our multi-stop route planner is developed for organizations with the small, middle and large transport fleet and route sales representative, service or delivery driver teams that must visit multiple addresses every day to fulfill their work orders.

Offered by us route planner can benefit:

Field services:
  • optimizing the mobile workforce, 
  • decreasing expenses on deliveries, 
  • creating the new territories for serving, 
  • decreasing the number of fleet vehicles and delivery drivers, 
  • providing delivery drivers, service technicians or route sales representatives with the real-time data, 
  • improving the delivery service level, 
  • increasing customer satisfaction, 
  • increasing the company's profitability and revenue.
Individual drivers:
  • saving time and resources, 
  • serving more orders, 
  • performing delivery at the right time, 
  • ability to service customers with or without the data connection,
  • increasing customers’ contentment,
  • increasing operating efficiency and revenue.
Transport industry:
  • creating efficient routes with multiple stops, 
  • establishing the geographic areas of the optimal distribution,
  • providing the efficient management of the fleet and personnel, 
  • improving the transportation service level, 
  • increasing the customers’ satisfaction.
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