Plan Smarter Deliveries with the Right Route Planning Software

Plan, schedule, and perform robust and accurate deliveries with the Prism's route planning software system developed for organizations and individual professionals.

To be successful any delivery business regardless a company performs delivery products or services should take care of planning optimized delivery routes. Manually creating an optimized itinerary is very difficult and even impossible as an operator or dispatcher needs to take into consideration many different aspects such as customer locations, available roads, traffic, driver’s experience, miles per gallon (MPG), vehicle fuel efficiency, and other important components needed for creating the most effective routes. Therefore, route planning software is a very helpful and even indispensable tool for any company performing delivery sold and pre-ordered products and services.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers organizations which business activity is concerned with the route sales, equipment service or delivery pre-ordered and sold products the route planning software solution developed by its professional software team. Our company is a leading provider software products for such organizations as for many years has been designing computer programs in close relationship with accountants, dispatchers, and managers from the delivery companies.

Our route planning software system allows field service businesses and individual professionals to:

  • plan deliveries sold and preordered products and services; 
  • create the optimal delivery routes;
  • track the deliveries fulfillment and field workforce; 
  • analyze business effectiveness.

Regardless of whether you are an individual driver, owner of the field service company or organization from the Transport industry, our route planning software solution will benefit you.

The key benefits of using our computerized solution developed for DSD and field service companies:

  • reducing the drive time to the customer locations;
  • cutting down the fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary miles; 
  • increasing drivers profitability by reducing time windows and planning optimal delivery routes; 
  • improving customer experience via real-time notifications; 
  • tracking mobile workers location and time via staying connected to delivery drivers throughout the day; 
  • ability to make changes in the routes for the last-minute customer requests and emergency call-ins; 
  • keeping the load under control; 
  • possibility to visualize the impact of route changes on delivery costs; 
  • easy customization to provide clients with features they need; 
  • fully integrated with the existing company’s accounting system and more.

So, if you want your dispatchers to plan robust and accurate schedules of deliveries, your delivery drivers' work with the maximum efficiency while performing the optimal assignments in full compliance with constraints, start to use Prim’s route planning software system.

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