Palm Pilot MiniMate Products 

Pilot MiniMate
The incorporation of PDAs into the work place produces immediate cost savings and revenue generating benefits. Prism has developed such an application, called "MiniMate," which enables our customers to benefit substantially from reduction in time intensive inventory tasks (including scanning for physical count and transfers) as well as reduction in paper and errors (including route sales, invoice generation, product delivery, equipment repair and order taking). Prism's "MiniMate" is the way to run your business!

Inventory Functions:

  • Physical count of inventory
  • Inventory transfer from one warehouse to another

Sales and Invoice Funtions:

  • Route sales - invoices at the site
  • Product delivery for pre-orders
  • Sales personnel take orders

Equipment Service/Repair Function:

  • Service work orders for equipment repair

Meter Reading Route Function:

  • Meter reading for utilities