Outbound and Inbound Call Center Software

ServQuest™ desktop package includes the  call center software

An outbound call center is an integral part of the successful business as it allows call or dispatch center representatives to contact, namely, make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a company for the purpose of updating and verification services or pre-orders, sales, schedule, support and other. Moreover, a positive customer experience heavily relies on the company's call center capabilities and framework. Therefore, these days companies need to pay special attention to the optimization of their outbound and inbound call centers.

outbound and inbound call center software

The ServQuest™ desktop route management system includes outbound and inbound call center software.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies providing route sales, delivery, pre-order, and service its ServQuest™ route management solution that consists of a sophisticated, comprehensive, and intuitive desktop software package the integrated part of which is the outbound and inbound call center. Our outbound call center is a front-end to many other route management functions that are provided by our software solutions.

Our outbound center solution allows operators and sales representatives to connect with customers on a regular basis or with the purpose to assist them in taking orders, scheduling services, reminding past due amounts, and others. Our outbound call center facilitates reliable, and quick and efficient outbound calls from the company's office to customers.

Your outbound call center should run quickly and in the right way. Take advantage of our built-in best practices outbound call center software. Easy sign-up, simple connectivity, flexible subscription, disaster recovery, painless and secure integration with your system, powerful capabilities are only a shortlist of the Prism Visual Software’s outbound call center. In other words, synonyms of our outbound call center software solution are easiness, simplicity, quickness, power, reliability, functionality, flexibility, and limitless.

By using our inbound call center software, you will be able to reach your customers via operators calling, interactive voice response (IVR), alert messaging, MMS and SMS text messaging, and e-mails. Your outbound call center goals, you will achieve with increasing your dispatch center agent’s utilization, customers' response rates and received payments.

If you want to optimize your team performance and increase your company’s productivity, have the ability to make changes in delivery and service schedule, and have an opportunity to contact with your customers when you need, contact us. Our ServQuest™ with the outbound call center software will enable you to receive each of these opportunities.

For years, we have studied our clients’ needs and have built our outbound call center software with those needs in mind. That allowed us to improve the connectivity, raise the company's performance, and lower operational costs of the contact center. Our outbound call center solution includes different features such as placing orders, orders history, preview existing orders, next order date, call schedule, and other.

Contact us today, and our outbound call center will help you to optimize your company activity, maximize your operators' and salespeople's productivity, and improve your customers’ satisfaction.