Company: Our Vision

desktop and mobile software

Prism Visual Software is a market leader for sophisticated, comprehensive, and user-friendly routing solutions. We develop, sell, and customize our award-winning desktop and mobile software to a wide spectrum of industries because we understand their conceptual commonalities. Prism Visual Software develops solutions for middle to large-size delivery and service companies such as food and beverage, water treatment, data shredding, inspection services, and others.

Among our products are our comprehensive desktop solutions RoadQuest and ServQuest, as well as our mobile solution MiniMate.

Prism VS’s software also includes web-based ordering, technician dispatching, and customer surveying features. All of our products integrate with off-the-shelf accounting software and mapping (GIS) and global positioning (GPS) software. We continually expand and improve our products in accordance with technical innovations in the software industry. We guarantee outstanding software design and smooth implementation processes. Prism Visual Software provides excellent customer support services and interaction, as well as ongoing opportunities for state-of-the-art software updates and new products.

As a market leader of comprehensive routing solutions, Prism Visual Software values the unrivaled quality of our products, services, and communication with our customers, business partners, and employees. Our employees are committed to excellent software development and promotion, engage in superior customer relations, and participate in a congenial, dynamic, and creative work environment. We value diversity and gender equality. Our products provide our customers with the opportunity to lower their cost, increase their revenue, and improve customer service and invoicing control - all with the same resources. Prism Visual Software strives for excellence in all of our products and services and stays on the cutting-edge of routing and mobile software technologies.