Organize and Track Your Hardware with the Computer Inventory Software

Use computer inventory software to track your hardware.

Computer inventory software helps to keep the hardware inventory up to date.

Depending on features and functionality the computer inventory software system can:

  • identify and classify hardware types such as desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, printers or other and organize them in the computer inventory; 
  • visualize on the map where inventory items are located at any given time; 
  • collect detailed information about hardware characteristics: the memory, operating system and other; 
  • provide hardware properties: the device ID, the manufacturer of a CD-ROM drive, primary partition of a disk, and other; 
  • give real-time information about physical locations and configurations of hardware items; 
  • keep under control the up-to-date warranty information from manufacturers; 
  • collect basic information about the software – applications listed in the control panel; 
  • automatically keep tracking of every change in the hardware inventory; 
  • customize computer inventory software solution; 
  • integrate with accounting and other helpful software systems.

Benefits of using the inventory software system:

  • managing IT assets; 
  • easily tracking the physical location of every hardware device; 
  • keeping the hardware inventory up to date; 
  • effectively perform administrative tasks:
    • maintaining hardware standards, 
    • tracking hardware asset depreciation, 
    • locating desktops and other hardware devices, 
    • troubleshooting computers and other hardware devices, 
    • distributing software, and others; 
  • quick access to important information: 
    • location and configuration of computers, 
    • leased computers and must be returned date, 
    • new inventory properties, 
    • computers that require an upgrade of the operating system, 
    • hardware that requires a software upgrade, and others; 
  • having the history of the hardware inventory data;
  • performing quick diagnosing problems via information about recent changes to hardware; 
  • ability to search for specific computer inventory data;
  • having reports about hardware inventory data in a customized and organized format; 
  • customizing computer inventory;
  • integration with the accounting software system.
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