Prism Visual Software's Order Connector

software integration

To improve the management of growing businesses, executive teams may need to use multiple software solutions. In the case of using more than one software subsystem, companies need to have an integration tool to synchronize their scattered data sources.

Main reasons to integrate software systems:

  • Merging used disparate systems.
  • Migrating from outdated systems to modern applications.
  • Increasing functionality of the used system.
  • Optimizing business processes.
  • Improving employee productivity.

Possessing all data collected and processed in one system allows leaders and managers to understand the full scope of the business and provide the company effective management.

The Order Connector is a unique ERP system designed by Prism Visual Software to integrate its route accounting software with the most popular accounting software such as AccountMate, SAP, QuickBooks, MAS 500, AS/400, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and AS400. The Order Connector synchronizes the accounting software to Prism Visual Software’s ServQuest™ and MiniMate™  desktop and mobile applications.