Optimize Your Selling Process with Order Software

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We offer a software system that can help you to unify your executives, finance managers, sales representatives, and fulfillment specialists. You will be able to organize, manage, track, and control the complex sales process and be informed about every its stage. Our software team has designed every element of sales order software so it can help you to double down on actions that lead deals to close.

Sales order management software benefits both your company and your customers:

  • Your customers:
    • purchasing by the phone call; 
    • placing orders from a desktop computer or mobile device; 
    • indicating special delivery instructions; 
    • self-service access to order, payment, and delivery information; o mobile notifications, reminder emails, and alerts about order and payment status; 
    • better customer experience, and more.
  • Your company:
    • full control of the pricing and discounting processes; 
    • intelligent workflow for the customer order processing; 
    • handling all sales conversations in one place; 
    • real-time access to the sales outstanding; 
    • automatically tracking calls, emails, and progress; 
    • focusing on sales and customer service, not on admin tasks; o indicating actions on which staff should focus to close more sales; 
    • ability to work from anywhere with MiniMate™ mobile application
    • collecting sales history and other helpful information; 
    • clear understanding sales priorities; o tamely reminders and notifications; 
    • efficient inventory and warehouse management;
    • effective customizable reporting for a personalized analysis of the sales pipeline, and more.

Prism VS's sales order software is the right solution for you if you want to:

  • strengthen relationships with your customers;
  • align all departments in your organization; 
  • streamline the sale process; 
  • stop spending much time on admin tasks;
  • improve your business performance; 
  • increase your customers' satisfaction.
Prism VS's sales order management software

Want to know what to do next for making sales more efficient? Sales order software will always give you a clear view of your sales process.