Optimize Your Delivery Route

optimized delivery route

Do you perform deliveries? Do you know that delivery business success depends to a large extent on how well your daily delivery routes are planned?

Delivery on un-optimized routes entails:

  • irrational use of company resources; 
  • low productivity of delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  • not delivering at the right time or too late; 
  • losing the prestige of the company; 
  • losing potential customers; 
  • increasing expenses needed for fulfilling delivery to each client; 
  • increasing total business costs; 
  • reducing the company's revenue.

Do you want to avoid or eliminate such problems?

Contact us immediately. Prism Dispatch™ developed by our professional software team in close contact with the delivery companies is a unique software system that not only includes visual dispatching but enables route map optimization for delivery companies.

Optimize your delivery routes with Prism Dispatch™ and get the immediate benefits:

  • creating optimized delivery routes with supporting the multiple parameters; 
  • reducing the driving time and increasing the productivity of service technicians; 
  • performing the maximum stops per route for each driver; 
  • visualizing customers on the interactive map; 
  • eliminating manual loading in GPS and printed paper maps; 
  • planning the delivery driver's workday in advance; 
  • balancing workload between delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  • informing customers about the estimated time of delivery; 
  • tracking the delivery drivers and vehicles in real-time; 
  • decreasing the gasoline costs and keeping a strict check on fuel expenses; 
  • ensuring drop-offs at the right customer locations; 
  • increasing driver safety and saving on insurance premiums; 
  • protecting the business from unnecessary legal hassles; 
deliveryroute optimization
  • creating realistic schedules and accurate expected arrival times to customer locations; 
  • assign work tasks to drivers and service technicians based on their skills, service areas, and other constraints; 
  • any changes in schedule made on the office computer will be sent automatically to delivery drivers’ smartphones or tablets; 
  • powerful reporting to track each delivery driver and service technician performance, company's expenses, and profits.