Optimize Your Delivery Business with the Prism VS's Route Planning System

Optimize Your Delivery Business with the Route Planning Software

If your business concerns deliveries sold and pre-ordered products or services, you should care for a good software solution that can help your managers to plan deliveries. Certainly, any business owner would like to have the least business costs and to get a maximum profit; therefore, organizations in the person of their owners are looking for any possibility to achieve success.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. can give companies performing deliveries, route sales, or equipment service a great tool that can help them to reduce their business costs and to increase their profit. This tool is our route planning software solution that includes Prism Dispatch™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile components.

How can the route planning system help you to improve deliveries?

Our route planning software can help your company to reduce your business costs via:

  • Saving fuel – via more direct routes, fewer "extra stops," less unauthorized vehicle usage, better miles per gallon gasoline.
  • Reducing traffic violations – via monitoring the driving behavior and real-time alerts. 
  • Saving labor time – via optimizing the routes, the route sales representatives, service technicians, and delivery drivers can make more stops at the same time. 
  • Enhancing field workforce security and safety – via the ability to have the connection with dispatch center throughout all the workday, using GPS, monitoring mobile workers' location, messaging, alerts, and more.

Prism VS’s route planning solution can help each member of your team:

  • Dispatchers: Anytime, dispatchers will have the real-time status of the routes and will be able to provide the field workforce with the necessary information without calling them and assist the mobile workers through the workday. Thus, dispatchers will save their dispatcher time and keep the driver focused on their main responsibilities. Moreover, dispatchers can stay connected to mobile workers throughout the day to track the field workforce, see progress in the performing field service, make real-time changes in schedules and routes, and more. 
reduce your business costs with Prism VS's software solutions
  • Delivery drivers, route sales representatives, service technicians: Via our MiniMate™ mobile application, schedules and delivery routes will upload to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and directions will be provided via GPS application. So, field service workers (route sales representatives, service technicians, and delivery drivers) will be able to fulfill their responsibilities in the most effective way. Moreover, they will be able to service customers anywhere anytime with or without a data connection. 
  • Executives: Our route planning software includes strong, but easy-to-use analytics tools that give executives the data needed for making intelligent business decisions on the company's profitability.