Optimize Deliveries with Route Optimization App

Prism Visual Software’s route optimization app

Do you want to fulfill deliveries at multiple locations with ease by the shortest, less crowded and most efficient routes? Create your delivery routes with multi-stops with powerful route optimization app developed by our professional software team.

Prism Visual Software’s route optimization app allows:

  • eliminating manual planning 
  • creating fastest and shortest route possible 
  • optimizing routes with multiple stops in seconds 
  • monitoring and managing routes in real-time 
  • planning routes in advance for performing hassle-free task assignments 
  • providing field employees with the most efficient routes 
  • assigning optimized routes to delivery drivers, route sales representatives, or service technicians based on their availability and location 

  • sending assigned tasks with optimized routes to field employees' mobile devices with a single click 
  • managing field workers in real time 
  • avoiding the unnecessary consumption of fuel
  • performing efficient time management 
  • saving time and resources 
  • maximizing returns from used resources 
  • reducing business expenses 
  • ensuring everything running smoothly in the field 
  • fulfilling timely deliveries goods and services 
  • streamlining business operations 
  • completing more tasks and serving more customers 
  • increasing customer satisfaction 
  • increasing business income

Our route planner application is indispensable for:

  •  Business with the fleets of vehicles
  •  Route sales businesses 
  •  Field services businesses
  •  Delivery companies 
  •  Pick up companies

Routing, mapping, dispatch, navigation, and tracking are not a full list of functionalities that are provided by MiniMate™ mobile software. Its functionality and easy integration with Prism VS’s products and other software makes MiniMate™ a unique tool needed for every field worker. Less driving time, more selling time.

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