Omni-channel Sales Order Software

sales order software

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers omnichannel sales order management software that enables delivering the customer order with intelligent fulfillment timely. So, with our software solution, you will be able to provide your customers with what they want when they want.

Prism VS’s sales order management software provides:

  • call center and web store; 
  • real-time global inventory visibility; 
  • intelligent binding inventory to demand; 
  • complex sourcing and logic performance across all channels; 
  • a single view of demand and supply across channels; 
  • distributed customer order management; 
  • order capturing from multiple channels; 
  • order status information across multiple channels; 
  • email alerts for payment; 
  • securely updating credit card information; 
  • accepting online payments; 
  • multiple payment methods (cash, credit, and discount cards);
  • supporting copy requests on the customer invoices; 
  • mobile tools with the MiniMate™ mobile application.

Prism VS's sales order software enables:

  • efficient orchestrating sophisticated order processing;
  • collecting customer orders from multiple channels of order capturing: store, route sales, online, and call center; 
  • meeting high buyer expectations for order fulfillment; 
  • delivering excellence in customer service; 
  • providing customers with products information and alternatives to out-of-stock items; 
  • improving customer loyalty; 
  • controlling pricing and reducing markdowns; 
  • balance fulfillment; 
  • making better decisions about how to increase sales and perform customer orders; 
  • customizing order execution; 
  • enables offering customers an accurate date of delivery; 
  • viewing, managing, and paying invoices online; 
  • reviewing and printing invoices with the signature proof of delivery; 
  • scheduling alternative locations of sales fulfillment; 
  • reducing shipping costs and total cost-to-serve; 
  • increasing cash flow and reducing bad debt; 
  • improving personnel efficiency, company profitability, and customer satisfaction.
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