Office Coffee Service

office coffee service


  • Planning, Scheduling, and Dispatching
  • Route Management and Optimization
  • Process Purchase Orders
  • Rentals and Equipment Tracking
  • Inventory Replenishment and Traceability
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Control
  • Web Customer Online Ordering Interface
  • CRM and Customer Specific Pricing
  • Android Mobile Electronic Devices’ App
  • Task/Work Orders Management
  • ACH Payments and Mobile Payments Collection
  • End of Day, Packouts, and Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Plan and adjust field employees' workdays by taking into account their experience and labor costs. Schedule sales representatives, drivers, coffee stations’ service specialists, and equipment in one dashboard. View the daily schedule and multiple schedules at a glance. Monitor work orders' progress. Run vending alongside your office coffee service and manage all business lines in a preferred way.

route management software Route Management

    Practice the strategy to serve more clients and sell more coffee products with fewer resources. Optimize daily routes and provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions to avoid obstacles and make stops at customer locations on time. Organize fleet, maximize drivers and coffee service teams’ efficiency, increase drivers’ safety, reduce fuel and labor costs, eliminate risks of missed deliveries.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Justify customer expectations. Communicate with your clients online, in person, by phone, and over email to improve their experiences. Easily manage clients' interactions with your company performed through multiple channels. Notify customers about coffee service promotions, discounts, and special pricing.

inventory management Inventory Management

    Regularly view asset lists, manage customers' rental fees, track equipment, manage warehouses, and control inventory levels - all in a single powerful and easy-to-use software system. With detailed tracking, know exactly where equipment is and never lose it parts. Decrease risks in coffee quality and expiration events with the traceability best practice based on the barcoding and lot tracking.

Mobile app Field Mobility

    Synchronize office actions and tasks in the field. Coordinate drivers and sales teams on-the-go for more effective operations in the field. Monitor customer orders’ status, manage deliveries, track service specialists’ time, control business costs, and create quotes to sell coffee in the field with the MiniMateTM Android app. Issue, email and print invoices, collect mobile payments, and capture customer signatures in the field.

online sales  Web Interface

    Add Web Store to your website and enable your office coffee service customers to securely log in, browse your inventory (a broad variety of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa), and place product orders and service requests online simpler than ever. Receive clients' feedback regarding product suggestions and testimonials about the quality of your products and office coffee service.

AR Management Feature Painless Invoicing

    Find orders, quotes, and invoices all in one accessible, easy-to-manage location. Send reminders and receive helpful alerts and announcements. Streamline payments with invoice templates and automated tasks. No more losing invoice slips by recording them digitally. Put automatically lot codes in orders and invoices and collect payments with auto-pay schedules.

customized reporting feature Business Reporting

    See how your business running with detailed, real-time reports. Get visibility into business data with powerful insights. Control every aspect of coffee service operations to prevent costly inquiries and recalls. Identify where you making and losing profits. Use historical data on product consumption, sales analytics, and live progress to discover future trends and increase income.

Single ERP System ERP System

    Run your coffee service operations more efficiently. Spend less, sell more, and serve customers better with an ERP software system that allows automating and optimizing most office coffee service operations. Integrate your accounting software with Prism VS’s products and manage your inventory, routes, sales, services, and finance end to end.

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