Awards and Announcements

"New"      Prism Visual Software Wins Further Awards and Favorable Mention in the Press
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Prism Visual Software receives "Product of the Year" from Planet PDA.
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Prism Visual Software was highlighted in the Aberdeen report's "What Works: Ten Significant Mobile Data Deployments."
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Accountmate acknowledges Prism Visual Software as one of the 2002 Accounting Today Technology Pacesetters! Prism was recognized for their outstanding technology consultants and resellers.


Prism Visual Software chosen by Accounting Technology for its first-ever listing of Third-Party Stars.
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Lorraine Keating elected "Killer VAR" by Accounting Technology
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Prism Visual Software, Inc. receives "Outstanding Technology Firm Award 2001"
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Prism Visual Software, Inc. selected for "Computerworld Top 100 Emerging Companies for 2002"
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"New"      How to Choose Your Routing Software
Beverage industry software may be the right solution
There is sophisticated software written for the small to mid-sized businesses that conceptualizes bottled water delivery as a particular form of beverage delivery. The question is how to evaluate the quality of the various software products. So what should someone look for?
(Source: Water Quality Products October 2003 by Lorraine Keating, Prism Visual Software, Inc. )


Prism Visual Software Sparkles in Highly Competitive Vertical ApplicationMarket
Under the direction of Lorraine Keating, the New York-based software developer stands at the head of the class in the development and support of scheduling and routing solutions.

Distribution Software: ROI Is King
by Richard McCausland
Middle-market accounting software vendors are taking to the open road. Not literally, of course, but by way of souped-up distribution suites that can track product as it wends its way from warehouse floor to customer site.
(Source: Accounting Technology,
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Keep on Trucking
In the 1980s, Keating, who has an MBA in computer methodology, both moved into the personal computer based software design world, and was introduced to AccountMate. “I realized everything I was involved with flowed into accounting. I was looking for an accounting system to modify after having done several major accounting mainframe system modifications,” she says.
(Source: Electronic Accountant,
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 What kinds of e-commerce services, if any, are your clients asking for?
We are seeing strong interest in B2B e-commerce these days, as opposed to B2C. Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that many of our customers (existing and prospective) are either distributors, importers, and/or manufacturers, whose business model does not include B2C e-commerce. Our customers (existing and prospective) are looking for ways to "e-nable" a combination of order processing and tech support for their customers/partners. - Lorraine Keating Prism Visual Software Port Washington, N.Y.
(Source: Accounting Technology,
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Louisville’s specialty coffee merchant refocuses on OCS, c-stores and foodservice
Long before Starbucks grabbed the spotlight, John Conti struggled to build acceptance of specialty coffee; after expanding into the retail side of the business, Conti has decided to specialize in refreshment services...Dee Dee Petersen, newly appointed chief financial officer, is overseeing the process of switching from a proprietary software system to PRISM Visual software, which will support Palm Pilot laptops and printers. Route salespeople will no longer have to carry separate printers to print invoices at their accounts. And at the end of the day, the route salesperson will place the Palm Pilot in a cradle and download the accounting data to the main computer.

Routing Issues: From Paperwork to PDA Efficiency
Software Technology for the Bottled Water and Water Treatment Industries
(Source: Water Quality Products October 2002 by Lorraine Keating, Prism Visual Software, Inc.)

Palm in the Real World
Linco Services drives efficiencies with handheld route delivery application

 "Maximizing Efficiency And Service With a Palm-Powered Route Delivery App"
By Greg Linneweber, Vice President of Operations, LInCo Services, Inc.

 Beyond the Hype of CRM
Customer Management Software for Water Treatment Companies
(Source: Water Quality Products December 2001 by Lorraine Keating, Prism Visual Software, Inc.)

 Web-Based and Wireless REVOLUTIONS
(Source: Water Quality Products May 2001 by Lorraine Keating, Prism Visual Software, Inc.)