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“Android Barcode Scanning for DSD Distribution and Equipment Service "
by Joe Campo on
(Febraury 2015)
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“Lorraine Keating Recognized by the National Minority Business Council (NMBC) "
by Joe Campo on (June 2014) 
(June 2014)
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"Operational Route Accounting ERP Software: Benefits and Obstacles."
by Lorraine Keating on (March 2011)
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"Pre-Order Sales and Handheld Software for Beverage Distributors of DSD, Pre-Order Sales Force" (April 2008) 
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"Software Benefits: Towards Professionalism, Standards, and Accountability in the Data Shredding Industry,"
Security Shredding & Storage News (January/February 2006): 1, 3.
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“On the road again, from routing to fuel efficiency, post-hurricane lessons for POU and bottled water dealers."
Water Technology Magazine (November 2005)
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“Software Matters, Why You Need To Go With Quality Routing Software,”
NEBWA (September 2005)
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“Investing In Your Software Infrastructure: 5 Tips For Making The Best Software Decisions For Your Bottled Water Dealer,”
Water Technology Magazine (July 2005): 27-28.


"Taking Route Management Up a Notch"
Water Technology Magaznine
(July 2004)


“Going Mobile: What You Need To Consider When You Implement Handheld Software,”
Information Security & Product Destruction News
(May/June 2004): 8-9.              

“How To Choose Your Routing Software: Beverage Industry Software May Be the Right Solution,”
Water Quality Products
(October 2003) 

“Innovative Software Organizes Sales of Water, Routes,” 

U.S. Water News (December 2002): 6.
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“Routing Issues: From Paperwork to PDA Efficiency,”
Water Quality Products 7, no. 10 (October 2002)
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“What kinds of e-commerce services, if any, are your clients asking for?”
(September 2002)

“Beyond the Hype of CRM: Customer Management Software for Water Treatment Companies,”
Water Quality Products
(December 2001)  

“Web-Based and Wireless REVOLUTIONS: A ‘Window of Opportunity’ for the Water Treatment Service Industry, “
Water Quality Products (May 2001)

“Prism Visual Software Unveils ‘BeverageMate’ Package for OCS,”
Vending Times (September 1999).

“Profit, Productivity and Today’s Technology for the Water Filtration and Bottled Water Industries,”
Water Quality Products (February 1998).