New Opportunities Provided by Digital Dispatch

full-featured dispatch software

Increase productivity and efficiency throughout logistics and delivery operations with the digital dispatch system developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Prism VS's feature-rich digital dispatch solution enables automating work processes performing by:

  • delivery companies, 
  • logistics companies, 
  • distribution companies, 
  • direct store delivery (DSD) companies, 
  • courier companies, 
  • carrier companies, 
  • field service companies, 
  • route sales companies, and others.

We built the digital dispatch solution with the latest software technologies built with the latest software technologies and had made it easily customizable, Android compatible, and third-party software interacted. Our system combines the way dispatchers do work and the power of automation.

Communication between driver and dispatcher has never been easier.

Prism VS's full-featured dispatch software enables:

  • simplifying the scheduling process;
  • completing the day’s work orders; 
  • arranging drivers' workday in the most efficient order;
  • scheduling and assigning jobs to the right workers; 
  • easily set up new work tickets; 
  • adding emergency jobs and last-minute changes; 
  • dispatching calls from multiple locations; 
  • updating calls in real-time; 
  • viewing the entire workforce in real-time; 
  • eliminating the paperwork; 
  • reviewing a complete customer history; 
  • fast, correct, and customized reporting; 
  • highlighting the most profitable parts of the business;
  • confirming jobs by drivers with the MiniMate™ mobile app;
dispatch software
  • connecting work order management software with the accounting system for automatically sending invoicing details.

Use new opportunities provided by our digital dispatch solution.