Network Inventory Software System

Network Inventory Software Management System

The network inventory management software may give information about:

  • a number of routers, 
  • make of the router, 
  • router's serial number, type, and place of installation, 
  • devices IP addresses, 
  • a number of used software solutions, 
  • software license keys and expiry dates, 
  • an amount of the network users, 
  • network traffic data, 
  • passwords for different IT assets and protocols, 
  • status of IT assets in real-time, and more.

Network inventory includes all IT assets and software that compose the network. The network inventory management software system allows administrators and business managers keeping records about network equipment within the organization. Automatically scanning, compiling and recording data about each device over a network gives a full picture of the company's network inventory.

The data collected and processed by the network inventory management software helps companies with:

  • network size assessment, 
  • network capacity planning, 
  • network cost calculation, 
  • network assets management,
  • return on investment (ROI) estimation, 
  • network administration, 
  • making business decisions, 
  • managing connected devices, 
  • reporting, and others.
network inventory management software

The right network inventory computerized system allows:

benefits of using network inventory management software
  • detecting all hardware devices connected to each computer; 
  • record of network and IT equipment within the organization;
  • automating company’s network via providing one policy across the entire network access; 
  • increasing employees’ productivity; 
  • enabling troubleshoot faster; 
  • detecting threats and vulnerabilities anywhere on the network; 
  • keep tracking of any changes in the network; 
  • reduce costs without compromising performance, security, reliability, and performance. 

So, the network inventory software system helps to understand who, when, where, and how is in your network and make the right decisions.