Multiple-Location Route Planner for Fewer Traveled Miles

Multiple location route planner software system.

Route optimization is a source of extra revenue. Therefore, it is a great motivation to practice better route management.

Possible criteria that can be taken into account in route optimization algorithms:

  • shortest driving time; 
  • shortest traveling distance;
  • most efficient – a combination of the fastest and shortest route; 
  • customer preferred delivery time; 
  • priority stops; 
  • vehicle types' capacities; 
  • number of used vehicles; 
  • traffic conditions; 
  • emergencies and late orders; 
  • time windows, and others.

Different route planning software solutions use different algorithms. However, each of them pursues a common goal – to cut down business costs and increase revenue.

Our company for more than twenty years has been developing software solutions for businesses performing field service, so we well know specifics of such activity. The distance traveled while visiting customers in multiple locations is one of the components affecting field workforce performance.

Fewer traveled miles mean:

  • less vehicle maintenance expenses; 
  • lower fuel costs; 
  • fewer gas emissions; 
  • fewer driving hours;
  • more customer services. 
serve more customers with fewer resources

Prism Visual Software's multiple location route planner has been proven to:

planning delivery routes
  • reduce transport costs; 
  • cut down the fuel costs; 
  • decrease carbon emissions; 
  • manage specific delivery challenges; 
  • simplify the planning process; 
  • plan the smart routes with multiple stops; 
  • plan routes and create schedules for multiple fleets; 
  • plan trucks and multiple depots in one task; 
  • reduce the order delivery time; 
  • improve the delivery and customer service; 
  • increase delivery drivers productivity; 
  • extend the company’s profitability.