Multi-Route Planner for Efficient Fleet Managing

route planning

Do you want to use your resources most effectively?

The Prism Dispatch™ multi-route planner, ServQuest™ scheduling software, and MiniMate™ mobile application create a powerful software system that is the perfect fleet solution.

Why Prism Visual Software’s multi-route planner: 

  • easy to install and use; 
  • integrated with the company's database, Prism’s ServQuest™ scheduling software and MiniMate™ mobile app, accounting and other third-party software systems; 
  • can be easily customized to the industry and individual business needs; 
  • provides creating customized, meaningful reports; 
  • collects the past business data to be used in creating plans for the future.

The key benefits of using Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ software:

  • efficient fleet managing;
  • planning the optimal smart daily routine; 
  • eliminating unnecessary miles and driving in circles; 
  • increasing the capacity of each vehicle; 
  • cutting transportation costs on delivery;
  • increasing customer satisfaction and business reputation; 
  • enhancing drivers' safety; 
  • increasing delivery drivers’ performance; 
  • leveraging the past business data to create plans for the future. 

Prism VS multi-route planner benefits:

  • companies performing distribution and deliveries; 
  • business fulfilling the maintenance and field service; 
  • commercial transportation; 
  • individual truck drivers; 
  • route sales representatives; 
  • real estate agents and others.
Prism Visual Software's multi-route planner

The Prism Dispatch™ multi-route planner together with the MiniMate™ mobile app helps to:

Efficient Fleet Managing
  • reduce business disruption;
  • make intelligent decisions; 
  • plan smart daily routing; 
  • expand fleet possibilities; 
  • execute the irreproachable delivery; 
  • keep the fleet productive.