Monitor and Manage Your Mobile Workforce with the Prism’s Digital Dispatch

Use  Prism’s Digital Dispatch to Monitor and Manage Your Mobile Workforce

Efficient managing and monitoring the mobile workforce is one of the main aspects of the field service business success. Our software team has developed a unique digital dispatch system that is more than a computerized dispatch solution. We offer a digital dispatch that is a complex delivery automation tool.

Prism Visual Software’s digital dispatch system combines scheduling, route optimization, fleet tracking, mobile workforce management and monitoring.

Prism’s digital dispatch system includes:

MiniMate™ helps to increase the field employees’ productivity via:

  • equipping mobile workers with delivery, driving and sale instructions;
  • sending job information and updates on the field workers' handheld mobile devices;
  • dispatching emergency orders;
  • sending updates and records from job sites to the office; 
  • connecting with Google Maps; 
  • integration with the customer database; 
  • tracking the field workers’ travel time, 
  • monitoring the service start and finish times; 
  • comparing the customer servicing planned time with the actual servicing time; 
  • controlling the time needed for the route passing and performing customer service; 
  • capturing customers' signatures via mobile devices as the job is done; 
  • creating invoices in the field; 
  • printing invoices to a mobile printer, 
  • emailing invoices with the equipment terms and conditions; 
  • collecting payments via cash, check or credit card at the customer location; 
  • automatic calculation of discounts and promotions; 
  • setting a minimum selling price for individual items; 
  • creating the street pricing for every customer and item; 
  • connecting with accounting software, and more.
Prism’s Digital Dispatch

Summarizing all above, we can add that our MiniMate™ mobile application enables complete control over deliveries and field service remotely, wirelessly and in real time. As a result, your office and your field workers are more productive and a lot happier. Breathe the new life into your business with the Prism’s digital dispatch.