Prism's Handheld Hardware Recommendations

Prism Visual Software, Inc. supports all mobile windows handheld devices on Mobile 5.0 and Mobile 6.0.  Below are devices that are recommended based on user deployments.  If you are interested in Prism’s handheld software for other mobile window handheld devices, please contact our Prism software sales representatives at 516-944-5920 or email us at

Rugged Handhelds

 Symbol MC70

 Symbol MC9000 Short

Handheld MC70 


mc 9097

 Symbol MC35  MC909X-K
mc35 MC9090-K Handheld Mobile Computer

Non-Rugged Handhelds

 HP 2400 and HP 2700  HP110 OR HP210



 AT T Tilt  


 Printek’s FieldPro Mobile Thermal Printer  Oneil 8i w/Bluetooth


FieldPro Mobile Thermal Printer


Oneil 8i

 IPC 350 with Bluetooth
IPC 350 with Bluetooth  


 Leather Case

 Aluminum Case

leather case

Aluminum case

 WaterProof Case  Printek Paper—35 Rolls
Waterproof Case Printek Paper
Printek Paper

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