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MINIMATE is Prism’s mobile handheld solution for product delivery, route sales and service, and pre-order. MINIMATE links field personnel with the office database and allows instant changes of services and deliveries en route. MINIMATE captures signatures, prints invoices, controls truck inventory and customer onsite equipment, displays customer histories, and calculates sales taxes at item level. MINIMATE runs on MS-Pocket PC and Palm /OS devices.
Prism’s mobile handheld solution
The software includes countless functions. Among them are these: (1) Order and estimate taking; (2) product delivery; (3) route sales; (4) dispatch of work order for service and repair equipment; (5) inspection and training survey options; (6) merchandizing surveys to collect data for quoting and strategizing.
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MINIMATE integrates with Prism’s route management desktop solutions, and third-party products such as GPS, GIS mapping, and accounting software. Prism’s mobile software is a total solution for route optimization and tracking of the fleet through bottom-line profitability.
Prism’s route management desktop solutions
MINIMATE automates the entire delivery and servicing process by maintaining the route book, generating the daily routes, printing and loading to the PDAs, and completing and uploading invoices and service orders from the PDAs.
MINIMATE gives route personnel access to products and prices in the form of standard orders, last orders delivered, suggested orders, or no standing orders. It makes available customer specific pricing via price type and level.
MC9090-K Handheld Mobile Computer
Route numbers, the stop sequence numbers, temporary routes for last minute changes, schedules with defined route days, will-calls, holiday, sliding calendars, or tickler reminders, and equipment by serial number at each site are also part of the software’s features. Route personnel have access to bar code options.

Information on the customers of the day, bar code scanning, calculating taxes, delivery to off-route customers, the history of the last four deliveries per item, recording of problems and resolutions, and printing of invoices at a customer’s site on either Bluetooth 4 1/2” printers or truck-mounted 8 1/2” printers are additional capabilities.

At the end of the day field personnel reconcile sales, cash, and truck inventory. Invoices are synched back to the integrated accounting system, payments applied, histories collected and readied for the next day.


MiniMate/Route Sales
MiniMate/Sales Order

Demo available. Please contact a Prism Visual Software Sales Representative to gain access.