ERP Software

MiniMate™ - mobile software app for handheld devices

Today, to be successful any company needs to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows the company to manage its business and automate most office functions. For the last years, the new trends affect ERP software. One of those trends is the mobile ERP software solution. To manage their business processes, executives and employees need real-time access to data, regardless of where they are.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. keeps up with the times. We have developed MiniMate™ - mobile software for handheld devices that is indispensable for pre-order salespeople, delivery and route sales drivers and equipment service technicians.

Our mobile application, the part of the ERP software solution, allows:

  • drivers and service and sales representatives in real-time:
    • to work without an Internet connection,
    • to have access to the customer information,
    • to have instructions about sales and delivery,
    • to have access to the inventory counts,
    • to have access to the account balances and invoices,
    • to generate quotes and orders,
    • to use driving instructions of the optimized routes to the delivery locations with Google Maps,
    • to take the mobile signature and payment,
    • to make the invoice printing, o to track on-hands and returns products, and other 
  • operators and managers:
    • to have the automatically updated last-minute orders and changes,
    • to guide employees with standard operating procedures and surveys,
    • to track mobile workers,
    • to perform on-route and off-route customer servicing,
    • to have the automatic calculation of promotions and discounts,
    • to make the pre-trip and post-trip inspection, and others.
  • customers:
    • to make and track orders,
    • to request support on orders.

  • Prism VS's ERP software solution

    So, with Prism Visual Software’s MiniMate™ mobile software you will be able to service anybody anywhere with or without a data connection, and as a result, to maximize your customer sales and improve your pre-sale deliveries.

    Integrating our ERP software with your business management system can help you to improve your sales and customer service, which in turn, will lead to improved efficiency and higher revenue.