Mobile Barcode Inventory Software

Mobile barcode inventory software from Prism Visual Software, Inc.

The ability to have access to the right information about inventory (including items levels and locations) at the right time and in the right way helps to make work processes smarter and smoother. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a flexible and customizable barcode inventory system for tracking and managing inventory. Developed by our professional team in close connection with the inventory managers software system allows optimizing and streamlining everything from creating barcodes to warehouse management, equipment support, and purchase order management.

Our inventory management solution includes both desktop and mobile software. All desktop computer programs we have grouped into the ServQuest™ software package. In addition to ServQuest™ package used in the office, we have specially designed MiniMate™ mobile application to use out the office, for example, in warehouses, vendors’ locations, customers’ locations, on the route, and other places.

MiniMate™ is a unique solution developed with the purpose to help mobile employees to fulfill their job faster, with fewer errors, and more professional. We are proud that MiniMate™ has win awards more than once and is recognized by our numerous clients. One of the main reasons for such recognition consists in its ability to eliminate many manual processes. The built-in a mobile barcode inventory scanner helps to improve the inventory management process.

MiniMate™ barcoding inventory software solution:

  • is easy to use, 
  • is highly flexible,
  • has built-in a mobile barcode scanner, 
  • allows to create and use the centralized inventory database, 
  • does not require expensive scanners and other additional hardware, 
  • runs on the smartphones, tablets and other mobile handheld devices, 
  • works on the Windows PocketPC, Windows Mobile, and Android operating systems,
  • enables automatical data entry, 
  • enables tracking inventory in the real-time, 
  • enables automatical updating the inventory information, 
  • allows communicating the real-time updates on the status of the inventory, 
  • allows easily import and export all data, 
  • enables generating flexible reports quickly and easily, 
MiniMate™ mobile barcode inventory application
  • allows eliminating errors that can appear in the case of manual entering the inventory data and manual calculations of the item’s quantity, 
  • helps quickly locate a specific item by searching within already added to the list of items, 
  • synchronizes with the Prism’s desktop inventory software system, 
  • eliminates the cost of the manual record-keeping, 
  • is easily configured to meet the company’s specific needs, 
  • quickly and easily integrates with the accounting software via Order Connector.

MiniMate™ mobile application gives far-reaching solutions for barcode scanners, smartphones, tablets, and barcode tag printers:

Prism VS's barcode-based inventory management software
  • enter received products into an inventory list; 
  • print barcode labels; 
  • print barcode catalogs for sales representatives;
  • issue invoices for buyers; 
  • print waybill for delivery sold products; 
  • read barcodes for quick search of items; 
  • track inventory items with their barcodes.

Prism VS's barcode-based inventory management software was developed with a spotlight on technological power and user experience and now is effectively used in a wide range of industries since fits a broad scope of technical and client needs. Desktop and mobile applications of our barcode software system enable creating all-in-one inventory management system.

Track Everything. Print and place barcode labels on inventory items and their locations in the warehouse: shelves, boxes, sections. Create and print barcode sheets and catalogs.

Perform inventory tasks remotely. Scan barcodes of inventory items, production items, warehouse aisles, shelves, bins, or others with barcode scanners, tablets, or Android smartphones. Any scanning device will work for your environment and applications.

Control inventory in your way. Select the user-interface which is most comfortable for you and configure inventory dashboard how you want.

Handle order management. Check the status of current orders and place new orders by scanning a barcode. Set up automatic reorder points so you will be instantly informed via text or email when it becomes necessary to order products for avoiding shortages.

Integrate with your accounting software system. Every time you make changes to your barcode inventory system, which is integrated with your accounting system, it will schedule all those changes to be sent directly to the accounting software. So, you can be sure they all inventory changes are recorded properly on the general ledger, appropriate invoices, and other documents.

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