Mobile Accounting Software for Delivery Drivers and Route Sales Representatives

The best accounting software mobile solution for field service workers.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. specializes in designing and developing software solutions for small, middle-sized, and large companies performing pre-order, route sales, delivery or equipment service. So, if you are an owner such a company our route software is the best accounting software you can find on the market. We are in the software industry for more than twenty years and have studied necessaries the route sales representatives and delivery drivers; therefore, along with our desktop solutions our professional software team has developed the mobile route accounting solution – MiniMate™.

Why is MiniMate™ the best mobile route accounting software? Because our experienced team includes software and accounting professionals that know the specificity of the route sales and delivery industries and use the most advanced technology for building computer programs allowing mobile workers to save from minutes to days of labor.

Using MiniMate™ mobile route accounting software allows companies to improve their profit per route, as with our MiniMate™ your delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians:

  • have access to the real-time data that can be delivered immediately after collecting;
  • have the standalone database on the handheld device that allows to service anyone anywhere without the Internet connection;
  • are guided by the standard operating procedures and surveys;
  • have the ability to collect signatures and payments, email or print invoices to a mobile printer,
  • have the ability to automate daily processes that enable maximizing the route sales and improving the direct deliveries.

Any driver’s working day starts with the loading customers scheduled to be served and items that need to be delivered; routes are loaded in the stop sequence order. On the route, sales representatives and delivery drivers are equipped with the sale and delivery instructions. They have access to the customers' contact information and their order history, to current equipment and equipment history, to account balances and invoices, and other necessary data. When drivers are on the route, they have the possibility to change the order of the stop sequence and deliver to off-route customers if it is necessary.

MiniMate™ provides route sales workers with everything that mobile staff needs to sell off-route products and take future orders. They have the ability to:

  • change prices (with password) and calculate taxes;
  • accept returns for waste or restock;
  • record notes of stops, problems, and resolutions;
  • collect payments via cash, credit card or check;
  • view previous balance and orders history;
  • count, transfer and reconcile inventory;
  • reconcile sales and cash;
  • collect start and stop time.
MiniMate™ mobile route accounting