MiniMate™: Track Location and Time

mobile app

Are you looking for a time and attendance software solution that delivers real results? MiniMate™ mobile tracking app is the right solution for you because enables keeping under control the work time and work progress.

Get payments for performed works:

  • Set hourly rates
  • Track billable hours
  • Create invoices

Get more results with fewer resources

  • Automate and streamline workflows
  • Minimize employees’ overtime
  • Save labor costs
  • Serve more clients for the same time
  • Improve business profitability
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Automate and streamline workflows

stops at customer locations  Information about delivery destinations location on the map Employee location and work time delivery history Delivery and stopovers history

real-time data Real-time data anytime mapping Integration with Bing Maps notifications and reports Notifications and reports