MiniMate™ Routing Software for More Effective Delivery

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To captivate customers and be successful, companies need to be in tune with the latest technology. Today, it is difficult to fancy the world without tablets and smartphones that are widely used by employees working out of the office.

If a company provides delivery, route sales, equipment service, or other field services, its business needs in mobile software are much more than organizations that don't have activities outside their offices. And one of the most important mobile solutions for them is an intelligent routing app.

Prism Dispatch™ optimizes itineraries with multiple stops at customer locations by shortest distances for the most cost-effective routes and automatically sending them to MiniMate mobile app for use in the field. Powered by Bing Maps, our mapping suite reduces the inefficiency of the route and increases the accountability of every worker.

MiniMate™ routing features:

•  Automatically updated last-minute route changes.

•  Driving instructions of the optimized routes.

•  Integration with Google Maps.

•  Communication between the office and route.

•  Integration with Prism Dispatch™ and ServQuest™.

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MiniMate™ routing advantages:

•  Accelerating the delivery processing.

•  Enhancing employees’ efficiency.

•  Reducing work-order processing costs.

•  Serving more customers for the same time.

•  Increasing customer satisfaction.

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