MiniMate™: Functionality

MiniMate mobile solutions

MiniMate™ functionalities make it a successful and relevant mobile application:

    Simplicity: easy and quick access to the needed information.

    Speed: appropriate graphics and fast-loading screens.

    Flexibility: adaptation to possible or future changes.

    Scalability: potential growth to manage the increasing number of customers.

    Integration: establishing interoperability with third-party software.

    Security: protected storing personal and sensitive information.

    Updating: keeping the app more relevant to customers.

    Reliability: complete support service on an annual basis.

MiniMate™ high priority features:

    Real-time visualization: sending and receiving data in real-time.

    Standalone database: the ability to work offline without an Internet connection.

    Tracking: automatically tracking mobile workers’ location and time.

    Payments: collecting mobile payments via cash, check, and credit card.

    Barcoding: identifying and tracking items by barcode scanning.

mobile app functionality

business results

Benefits of MiniMate™ for business:

    Workforce effectiveness: increasing the productivity of mobile employees.

    Business costs: minimizing time losses and reducing labor costs.

    Company performance: maximizing sales and number of fulfilled services.

    Customer experience: improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Business profit: enhancing company income.