MiniMate Mobile Application for Driving Through Optimized Routes

MiniMate mobile app

Delivery products and services is an important component of most businesses. Distributors, delivery drivers, service technicians, route sales representatives, insurance agents, and other workers have to pass the huge distances to visit every from customers at their locations.

Years ago, any driver needed a paper map to go anywhere. Now, every field worker has the power of a map inside the casing of his/her phone.

Moreover, MiniMateTM – comprehensive mobile software – developed by Prism Visual Software for mobile handheld devices running on the Android operating system provides users with the optimized routes created by Prism Dispatch™ desktop software.

Provide your field staff with MiniMateTM mobile app and turn by turn driving directions to destinations, and your delivery drivers, distributors, route sales representatives, service technicians, and other workers will be able to visit more customers and perform more jobs for less time.

Another powerful tool helpful for drivers is dispatching. Provide your staff with MiniMateTM mobile application and efficiently coordinate operations of vehicles and field personnel carrying out a service and deliveries.

And finally, tracking. With MiniMateTM, you always will know the real-time locations of your trucks and other vehicles and will be able to monitor the driving time of every from your mobile employees.