MiniMate on Android

MiniMate mobile app for Android

MiniMate™ is Prism Visual Software's award-winning mobile application that is used by pre-order salespeople, route sales and delivery drivers, and equipment service techs. Born on the Palm platform, MiniMate™ subsequently advanced to the Windows PocketPC and Windows Mobile operating systems. Now, MiniMate is graduated to the Android operating system. Users can deploy MiniMate™ on 4, 5, 7, or 10-inch Smart Phones or Tablets to go paperless and solve operational inefficiencies.

Benefits of using Prism Visual Software's MiniMate™:

  • Perform on-route and off-route customer servicing, as needed.
  • Customer group, contract, or price levels. 
  • Use driving instructions to the location with Google Maps. 
  • Collect payments for overdue invoices. 
  • Worker location and time are automatically tracked. 
  • Understand customer servicing planned time versus actual time.
  • Mobile workers are equipped with delivery and sale instructions, contact information, sales history, equipment history, current equipment, account balances, and invoices.
  • Automatic calculation of promotions and discounts based on the time period and purchase. (7+1, 12+2, free case or dollars off, based on a product mix grouping). 
  • Questions are defined by customers; answers can be entered by mobile workers as numeric, text, or drop-down selections.
  • Prevent drivers from servicing "stop service" customers and delivering to non-paying COD customers. 
  • Delivery Drivers can track on-hands and returns while having visibility to past sale averages and par levels.
  • The standalone database on the handheld allows drivers and service techs to work without an Internet connection.
  • Last-minute orders and changes are automatically updated and dispatched to the Android device. 
  • Set a minimum selling price for individual items with passwords needed to override. 
  • Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspection surveys can be used for internal records or DOT inspection. 
  • Ticket surveys can be mandatory to complete, based on the type of service or delivery being done. 
  • Collect signatures and payments via cash, check, or credit card. 
  • Print to a mobile printer, or email an invoice with equipment terms and conditions. 
  • Enforce collection of store stamps, scan sheets, P.O., or signature.
  • Up and down the street pricing; every customer and item can have a different price. 
benefits of using MiniMate mobile app