MiniMate™ Mobile Software Includes the Barcode Inventory Software

 MiniMate™ mobile barcode inventory software helps to provide the inventory control.

Barcode inventory applications help to make inventory control faster and more accurate. They enable tracking of the inventory levels and locations, reducing data errors and eliminating costs needed for the manual records keeping. So, any company that wants to increase the efficiency and accuracy of its inventory control should start to use the barcode inventory application.

Some software providers offer barcode inventory applications that just enable creating and printing barcode labels and do not include inventory management features. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the complex inventory management software solution that includes the barcode inventory application.

Our inventory management software system consists of the:

  • ServQuest™ desktop package that can be used by managers in the office and 
  • MiniMate™ mobile application that can be used by mobile workers out of the office.

6 main advantages of using the ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ inventory software system:

  1. The simplicity of installation and use is the main character of the ServQuest™ package as well as the MiniMate™ mobile application. 
  2. Our inventory control software system does not require expensive hardware; moreover, MiniMate™ is designed o run on smartphones and tablets with the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. 
  3. MiniMate™ is developed in such a way, so it has built-in a barcode scanner that enables automatic data entry and allows eliminating errors that appear while the manual processing the inventory control. 
  4. While giving detailed data about inventory, our inventory software system that includes the barcode inventory application allows companies to saves their time and money.
  5. The barcode inventory application allows companies to increase their efficiency and go a step further in managing and controlling their inventory via the perfect mix of digital information that is easily accessed and understood by their staff and clients. 
  6. Both ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ easily integrate with the most popular accounting systems via specially developed by our team the Order Connector.

The barcode scanner built into the MiniMate™ that can be used for:

  • receiving and shipping goods,
  • quick data entry, 
  • processes monitoring, 
  • high-volume transactions,
  • tracking shipments and purchasing, 
  • tracking inventory moving within the warehouse and between warehouses, 
  • counting quantities of available goods, and more.
MiniMate™ inventory software