MiniMate™ Mobile Route Management Solution

MiniMate™route management application

MiniMate™ is the award-winning wireless mobile software developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. for route sales representatives, order delivery drivers, and equipment service technicians to be used on their handheld devices.

MiniMate™, was first designed on the Palm platform, subsequently advanced by our software team to the Windows PocketPC and Windows Mobile operating systems and now is graduated to the Android operating system platform, so runs on handheld devices, 4, 5, 7, or 10-inch smartphones, and tablets on both Windows and Android operating systems.

MiniMate™ is integrated with our desktop route management software - ServQuest™ and Prism Dispatch™ - as well as with third-party products such as GPS, GIS mapping, and accounting software.

The products and customer data can be uploaded to the handheld devices. Moreover, at the beginning of each working day, the route personnel receive the latest information about pricing and order tickets for delivery and/or work orders for service requests. The last-minute orders and changes are uploaded automatically. The route sales representatives have access to products’ prices in the various forms such as the standard orders, suggested orders, last orders delivered, and no standing orders.

Our mobile route software enables automating the order delivery and servicing process by maintaining the route book and generating the daily routes. Drivers are able to make a call to the office on the road to warn an office manager about road traffic and delays. Once the dispatcher or office manager makes adjustments, he/she will send revised schedules to route employees’ handheld devices up to the last minute before they hit the road.

MiniMate™ mobile route management software main features include:

  • route numbers,
  • the stop sequence numbers,
  • schedules with defined route days,
  • ticket reminders,
  • messaging system,
  • equipment by serial number, and others.
Our MiniMate™ mobile software is a total solution for route managing, tracking, and optimization.
MiniMate™ mobile route management software

By using Prism’s mobile route management solution, you will be able to optimize routes, save fuel, decrease fleet mileage, employees’ working time and overall operating costs, increase responsiveness to the last minute purchases and a number of delivered orders, and as a result, to increase company's revenues.