MiniMate™ Mobile Route Accounting Software

Mobile Route Accounting Software

MiniMate™ is a mobile route accounting system designed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. to help companies fulfill, capture, record, and costs sales transactions performed by distributors and field sales representatives with mobile warehouses such as trucks that are operating as route sales representatives, direct store distributors, pre sellers, and delivery drivers. As a mobile point of sale system, MiniMate™ functions as separate software that easily integrates with our ServQuest™ central route accounting system that includes specialized functions and reports.

MiniMate™ mobile route accounting software provides:

  • barcoding system – to represent inventory data;
  • customization – to meet specific business needs.
  • invoicing system – to get payments on time by sending professional invoices;
  • standalone database – to enable mobile employees to work without an Internet connection;
  • tracking system – to monitor and control whole business running as well as an activity of each department and each employee;
  • integration with Bing Maps and Google Maps – to fulfill delivery with optimized route maps;
  • reporting system – to record the results of business activity for analyzing and forecasting future demands;
  • integration with Prim VS’s ServQuest™ route accounting system – to improve Prism VS route managing software system;
  • integration with all popular accounting system such as SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, and other – to create a powerful single software system enabling managing and controlling the company’s business activity;

MiniMate™ mobile route accounting software enables:

  • performing delivery on optimized routes with the loading and peddling stops; 
  • creating sales invoices and credit invoices; 
  • printing invoices to mobile printers and emailing them with terms and conditions; 
  • collecting payments via cash, checks and credit cards; 
  • capturing electronic signatures; 
  • tracking inventory on every step of movement (from a vendor to the stock as well as from the warehouse to the customer);
  • tracking vehicle location and mobile employee work time; 
  • automatically populating the inventory data throughout the system by barcode scanning; 
  • collecting data history of the company's activity; 
  • creating powerful reports of the current data as well as the history of business data; 
  • easy access and understood the company’s business information.
MiniMate™ Mobile Route Accounting Software