MiniMate™ Mobile Invoicing Software System

MiniMate™ Mobile Invoicing Software Solution

MiniMate™ mobile invoicing software allows:

  • to reduce the wasted time, 
  • to simply bill customers, 
  • to automatically calculate promotions and discounts, 
  • to generate an invoice the moment the delivery of goods or services is done, 
  • to cut the billing cycle, 
  • to send invoices via e-mails, 
  • to print invoices to a mobile printer, 
  • to track invoices, 
  • to monitor payments, 
  • to generate receipts, 
  • to capture signatures in the proof of delivery, 
  • to collect payments via cash, check, or credit card, 
  • to store information about customers and products/services, 
  • to easily update the customer records, 
  • to reduce the paperwork.

Moreover, Prism Visual Software's MiniMate™ invoicing solution:

  • is easy to use and don’t require to have special technical or software knowledge, 
  • enables route sales representatives, delivery drivers, and service technicians to have access to real-time data, including customers' contact information, account balances, sales history, current equipment, equipment history, and invoices. 
  • allows mobile workers to service anybody anywhere with or without the Internet connection, 
  • provides driving instructions to the location with Google Maps,
  • enables tracking the on-hands and returns, 
  • automatically receive the updates of the last-minute orders and changes, 
  • automatically track the mobile worker location and time, 
  • can be simply customized to the clients’ needs, 
  • is integrated with the accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, QuickBooks, and others, and more.
MiniMate™ invoicing solution

Companies performing route sales and delivery products and services need invoicing software that gives their route sales representatives, delivery drivers, and service technicians the ability to generate invoices and take payments on the route and at the customers’ location. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers such companies the convenient tool, namely its MiniMate™ – the comprehensive and easy-to-manage mobile invoicing software system that has been developed to be used on smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices using Windows PocketPC, Windows Mobile, and Android operating systems.