MiniMate™ Mobile Delivery Confirmation Software

delivery confirmation

Perform more daily deliveries with MiniMate™ delivery confirmation software.

With missed and misrouted deliveries companies lose time and money. To help companies solve this problem, we have developed mobile software – MiniMate™ – that provides powerful functionality, including delivery confirmation. With the MiniMate™ mobile application that provides the proof of delivery, your delivery drivers will be able to take the real-time electronic delivery confirmation such as customer signature capture, GPS coordinates, and photos.

Equipped with customer account information and inventory tracking functionality your delivery personnel will be able to make speedy and accurate deliveries to multiple locations. It is possible to make 15% and even more deliveries each day by providing real-time customer order information and automating processes of collecting and validating of delivery-related data and reconciling end-of-day inventory.

Main features of MiniMate™ proof of delivery software:

  • working on any mobile device running on the Android operating system, 
  • collecting electronic signatures, 
  • capturing GPS coordinates, 
  • collecting payments via cash, check, and credit card,
  • tracking vehicle locations, 
  • robust reporting, 
  • integrating with ServQuest™ and accounting backend systems.

Benefits of using MiniMate™ delivery confirmation software:

  • eliminating manual paperwork, 
  • eliminating paper costs, 
  • minimizing shrinkage and order inaccuracies, 
  • enhancing fleet efficiency, 
  • reducing fleet overhead,
  • making more deliveries with fewer trucks, 
  • tracking goods from dispatch to delivery, 
  • reducing delivery costs, 
  • reducing phone calls, 
  • automating the entire delivery cycle,
  • increasing drivers’ efficiency,
  • minimizing losses at every stage of delivery, 
  • reducing damaged deliveries, 
  • improving customer satisfaction. 
MiniMate™ delivery confirmation software

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