MiniMate™ Mobile Barcode Tracking System

Prism Visual Software's MiniMate mobile barcode tracking system.

MiniMate™ is an innovative mobile software solution that gives a revolutionary way to track inventory and assets with barcodes in any industry. This mobile application enables simply using any Android device (smartphones, tablets, and others) to read barcodes of all common types.

Prism Visual Software’s MiniMate™ mobile barcode tracking system helps to:

  • Capture inventory data; 
  • Track inventory; 
  • Review inventory history.

Whether it is needed to identify an item, look up its history or add new data, MiniMate™ solves all inventory tracking needs with the mobile systems. We have designed our ultramodern software specifically for Android mobile devices that are commonly used by companies out of the office.

MiniMate™ barcode inventory app is the flexible software that can:

  • function as a stand-alone record software system; 
  • be easily integrated (via Prism's Order Connector) with any existing Prism's backend software packages and the most used accounting software systems such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, and AccountMate.

Benefits of using MiniMate™ mobile barcode inventory system:

  • quick and easy product identifying 
  • eliminating time-consuming manual inventory management 
  • access to the accurate, timely inventory information 
  • monitoring in-transit conditions 
  • full inventory control 
  • quick physical inventory cycle counts 
  • eliminating stockouts and write-offs 
  • maintain from the loading to the end-user 
  • streamlining inventory cycle counts and audits 
  • reducing errors via eliminating manual entry of items 
  • real-time inventory reports 
  • picking orders requisitions for inventory items 
  • ensuring the right order, right product, and right customer every time 
  • tracking the orders workflow status.
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If you are looking for an effective way of tracking your inventory, the MiniMate™ mobile barcode tracking system is right for you. MiniMate™ provides a new way of inventory tracking with the modern software technology that enables reading, processing, and storing inventory information.