MiniMate™ Mobile App with the Barcode Scanning Feature

MiniMate™ Mobile Barcode Scanning Software

Today, there many various types of software with the barcode scanning feature are offered on the market. Many of them focus on the barcodes reading for checking prices of products, but there are also many are built for enterprise users and small businesses. Choosing the most suitable solution is very important as this tool affects business productivity, especially in retails, warehousing, field sales, logistics.

Customize and optimize your barcode scanner with features provided by MiniMate™ - mobile barcode scanning software.

Why the MiniMate™ barcode scanning software?

Because the MiniMate™ mobile app can easily turn any smartphone running on the Android operating system into a powerful data-collecting barcode scanner.

MiniMate™ barcode scanning software is helpful for:

  • inventory tracking – quickly identifying items by scanning barcodes,
  • asset tracking – quickly identifying items by reading asset tags, 
  • ticketing – reading barcoded tickets, 
  • retail – checking product prices and sales checkout, 

  • route sales – checking product prices and sales checkout, 
  • deliveries – proof of delivery by scanning the tracking number, 
  • warehousing – quickly identifying items and tracking their movent withing warehouse, 
  • logistics – tracking shipment information, 
  • healthcare and hospital settings – patient identification, 
  • mailing – reading encoding zip codes on US mails, tracking mail, reading barcodes added to the return-mail registration postcards, 
  • invoicing – reading barcodes that contain customer numbers or the individual invoice numbers.

Designed especially for mobile devices the MiniMate™ barcode scanning application enables:

  • quick access to the required information,
  • identifying items, 
  • reducing data errors,
  • eliminating manual entering data and the possibility of human errors, 
  • saving time,
  • using for any necessary data collection, 
  • tracking asset and inventory, 
  • increasing accuracy in counting the inventory levels, 
  • reducing business expenses,
  • improving efficiency.
MiniMate™ barcode scanning application