MiniMate™ Mobile Barcode Inventory Software

MiniMate mobile barcode inventory software solution.

MiniMate™ is a unique award-winning mobile application specially designed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. to run on different mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and other handheld computers.

MiniMate™ synchronizes with Prism Dispatch™ and ServQuest™ desktop computer packages and other software systems such as accounting, sales, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR) and other software solutions used by companies. So, with MiniMate™ our clients have access to important information and can provide their business activities wherever they are.

MiniMate™ provides many various features, including:

  • built-in barcode scanner; 
  • built-in barcode label printing.

If your business concerned with the inventory, our barcode inventory software solution is developed right for you as it can help your company save time and money and, as a result, increase efficiency.

The typical barcode inventory system contains hardware, such as barcode scanners and printers, and software developed to run on computers. The advantage of our MiniMate™ barcode inventory software over other barcode software is reducing the needed hardware.

MiniMate™ allows using smartphones, tablets and other mobile handheld devices as barcode scanners.

Barcode label printing is built-in MiniMate™ too. MiniMate™ allows printing barcode labels to a mobile printer or e-mail a barcode label with a standard or own format.

Our barcode inventory software enables barcode-based inventory control. Design your custom labels. To ensure tracking your inventory, you can match various data, including product categories, costs, units of measure, and more. Place the barcode label on each item from your inventory with the location where this item is stocked. You even can print own barcode catalog.

The barcode-based inventory control as a method of identifying inventory goods by using a barcode scanner that allows counting items quickly with a minimum opportunity for human error. If your company provides different operations (such as receiving purchases, packing the orders, shipping orders, and other) with large numbers of inventory items, the barcode inventory software is the best tool for performing the control of your inventory.

Do you want to save time and increase inventory accountability? Do not spend your time, contact us today and we will give you the ability to track everything with barcodes. Remember that the inventory control organized in the right way allows you to prevent out-of-stock situations. Our MiniMate™ barcode inventory software allows automating the identification and tracking of your inventory and assets.

MiniMate™ Mobile Barcode Inventory Software