MiniMate™ is the Best Inventory Software Running on Mobile Devices

 MiniMate™ is the best inventory software running on mobile handheld devices.

Organized in the right way inventory management is one of the main keys to bringing efficiency in business. Although the inventory management applications may not be equal to the more powerful software systems, they are very handy for small enterprises and middle-sized companies. Our company has developed an inventory management software system that includes a mobile inventory application.

Our MiniMate™ mobile inventory application helps small businesses, middle-sized companies, and large organizations to keep the right inventory levels in stock by quickly and timely updating all information regarding an item or product. MiniMate™ helps to simplify and speed up the most from inventory processes.

We offer the inventory application that helps to perform:

  • inventory management: 
    • barcoding – to speed up inventory processes and increase accuracy when purchasing receiving, selling, picking and packing products and materials, 
    • multiple locations – to control inventory located in multi warehouses, 
    • tracking – to track the location and status of each item, 
    • recording – to perform effective analysis and forecasting, 
    • quickly collaborating with co-workers – to eliminate phone calls; 
  • warehouse management: 
    • managing inventory levels in multiple warehouses, 
    • quickly transferring items between warehouses; 
  • purchase order management: 
    • alerts about the low item levels, 
    • automatic reordering allows eliminating the running out of products; 
  • supplier management: 
    • collecting information about vendors, 
    • maintenance of contract databases, 
    • automated notifications about contract expiration, 
    • payment history and status.

The best inventory application has three main characteristics:

# 1 Integration: 

  • easily integrated with QuickBooks, AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other accounting software systems; 

# 2 Customization: 

  • can be easily customized to meet specific company’s needs; 

# 3 Safety: 

  • meets all safety requirements, 
  • minimizes the probability of human error.
inventory application characteristics