MiniMate™ Inventory Scanning Application

Inventory is the lifeblood of route sales. Therefore, inventory control is one of the key aspects of successful field business. The full visibility of every stage of the inventory life cycle can be only provided by a powerful tracking tool. Our company specialized in developing software solutions for businesses performing route sales and field services and has designed a unique mobile application for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile handheld devices.

MiniMate™ is the powerful mobile software with wide functionality:

  • standalone database; 
  • automatically updating and dispatching; 
  • synchronizing with back-office; 
  • connection and communication; 
  • inventory barcode scanning; 
  • creating and sending invoices; 
  • collecting payments and signatures; 
  • collecting and aggregating field data; 
  • integration with Bing Maps and Google Maps; 
  • tracking and monitoring; 
  • detailed reporting, and more.

The inventory barcode scanning provided by MiniMate™ allows automating and optimizing inventory control process.

wide functionality of MiniMate mobile app
powerful mobile software

Main advantages of using MiniMate™ inventory scanning application:

  • end-to-end inventory tracking; 
  • monitoring a huge amount of information; 
  • centralized recording products, prices, and stock levels; 
  • real-time inventory visibility;
  • accurately monitoring and reporting every product costs (landed costs, shipping costs, delivery costs, and other);
  • minimizing excess stock; 
  • controlling inventory replenishment; 
  • picking and packing orders in real-time; 
  • fulfilling orders on time; 
  • eliminating laborious paperwork; 
  • reducing errors in data entry; 
  • increasing productivity and efficiency;
  • improving business processes.

Reduce errors, save time and improve efficiency with the MiniMate™ inventory scanning application designed for your route sales business.