MiniMate™ Inventory Scanning Solution

Want to minimize the risk of error in your inventory, start to use the MiniMate™ inventory scanning solution.

Inventory control is an important aspect of businesses that handle consumer goods. Without proper (accurate and correct) inventory control, retail stores may run out of stock on important goods. The inventory control software system will alert when the inventory level reaches the lowest quantity, and it is time to reorder.

It is impossible manually monitoring the large shipments; therefore software providers design new and new computerized systems that help to automate most processes of the inventory management and control. Our company develops software solutions for route sales, delivery, and field service businesses that operate with materials, equipment, and goods. Manually counting each item is likely to result in an error. Therefore our inventory control software system includes the inventory scanning solution – the unique MiniMate™ mobile application.

Main results of using the MiniMate™ inventory scanning solution:

  • eliminating manual counting; 
  • avoiding time-consuming data entry; 
  • reducing data errors; 
  • end-to-end inventory tracking; 
  • monitoring inventory across multiple locations; 
  • streamlining inventory audits; 
  • fast and correct inventory cycle counts; 
  • eliminating overstocks and stockouts; 
  • reducing unnecessary spending;
  • speeding up daily tasks;
  • minimizing downtime; 
  • improving picking, packing, and shipping; 
  • improving business processes; 
  • increasing productivity.
MiniMate™ inventory scanning solution

MiniMate™ inventory scanning solution can be used for:

  • Warehouse management – quickly and accurately performing tasks. 
  • Stock management – eliminating manual processing everyday tasks. 
  • Asset management – an intelligent view of the past, present, and future asset interactions. 
  • Inventory management – effectively managing inventory and controlling inventory levels. 
  • Manufacturing management – maintaining the necessary levels of resources. 
  • Supplies management – managing procurements essential to the company's operations. 
  • Tracking shipments – end-to-end tracking shipped goods. 
  • Retail management – streamlining retail operations.