MiniMate™ Field Service Application  for Mobile Workers: Delivery Drivers and Equipment Technicians

Prism's MiniMate mobile app for field service .

Organizations should use MiniMate™ mobile application for field service if they want to:

  • streamline their fieldwork: equipment service, route sales, deliveries, and others;
  • increase the efficiency and profitability of their field employees; 
  • eliminate paperwork and most of the manual processes; 
  • provide effective scheduling and dispatching;
  • track mobile workforce and field employees in real-time; 
  • provide better inventory control and eliminate out-of-stock situations; 
  • increase price accuracy and quality of performing services; 
  • maximize customer sales and the company's revenue; 
  • increase the safety of field employees, and others.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed and offers companies performing route sales, deliveries, equipment, or other services the powerful MiniMate™ mobile field service software that helps such organizations to empower their field employees and streamline fieldwork.

Start to use the MiniMate™ mobile field service software, and you will find that:

  • your mobile workers and field employees can:
    • have access to the real-time data (work instructions, customer contact information, account balances, invoices, inventory levels, and others) anytime from anywhere; 
    • use the barcoding system; o service customers at their locations without the Internet connection by using the standalone database on their handheld devices; 
    • ride on optimized routes to the customer locations with Google Maps; 
    • collect payments and mobile signatures as proof of service fulfillment; 
    • print and send by e-mail invoices with their equipment terms and conditions; 
  • your dispatchers, operators and managers can: 
    • create effective schedules and dispatch field workers; 
    • make the last-minute changes in work orders and send them to mobile and field staff; 
    • track mobile and field employees work time and location; 
    • guide field employees with standard operating procedures; 
    • receive from field employees reports about fulfilled sales and services; 
  • your customers can:
    • make orders and track them; 
    • request support on orders.
MiniMate™ mobile field service software

MiniMate™ is a unique mobile field service application. It easily integrates with the company's business management system and helps organizations to improve their sales and customer service. First designed on the Palm platform, MiniMate™ was advanced to the Windows PocketPC and Windows Mobile operating systems. Later it was graduated to the Android operating system, so now it runs on mobile handheld devices, 4, 5, 7, or 10-inch smartphones, and tablets on both Windows and Android operating systems.