MiniMate™ Delivery Routing App (14 Main Сharacteristics)

Is your business concerned with delivery?

The MiniMate™ delivery routing app is a tool that can help to improve your business activity and take the company to the next level. MiniMate™ is award-winning mobile software specially designed for companies specialized in delivery, route sales, equipment or other field services.

14 Main specific characteristics of the MiniMate™ delivery routing app:

  1. runs on the mobile devices with the Android operating system: smartphones, tablets, and others;
  2. quickly launches for the first time and never keep users waiting;
  3. convenient user interface and simple navigation;
  4. provides the standalone database that allows mobile employees to work without the Internet connection;
  5. ensures quick feedback and means of mutual communication with the minimum text input;
  6. gives the customization and personalization options;
  7. provides an intuitive system of search and specific filters;
  8. allows to track mobile workers and get the information about their behavior;
  9. separately as well as the part of the Prism VS route accounting software system;
  10. easily integrates with: 
    • all other Prism VS software solutions: ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, and others; 
    • the most used accounting software systems: AccountMate, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, QuickBooks, and others; 
    • Google Maps and Bing Maps;
  11. is continuously optimized and updated with new features; 
  12. provides the high performance and data security; 
  13. is created based on the modern technologies, standards, and protocols to ensure the required features and quality; 
  14. the quality is ensured and maintained by the professional software team. 

Some results of using the MiniMate™ delivery routing application:

  • reducing delivery costs by driving the most efficient route; 
  • timely deliveries via navigating optimized delivery routes by using the Google Maps or Bing Maps direction apps; 
  • fulfilling deliveries without the Internet connection by using the standalone database and turn-to-turn driving instruction; 
  • reducing the customer order delivery time; 
  • performing more deliveries and serving more customers every day; 
  • increasing drivers’ safety by monitoring their location and driving hours; 
  • maximizing resources utilization by assigning the right resources to the right tasks; 
  • improving business efficiency.