Perform Deliveries on Optimized Itineraries with MiniMate™ Delivery Route Planner Application Developed by Prism Visual Software

Delivery Route Planner Application

Prism Visual Software’s delivery route solution consists of two specially designed components:

Each component of our route planning system provides a powerful set of features that together cover all needs necessary for efficient running businesses performing the delivery, route sales, equipment, and other field services:

  • scheduling and visual dispatching;
  • route planning and optimization;
  • inventory management and level control;
  • vehicle location tracking;
  • invoicing and payments monitoring;
  • barcode reading;
  • reporting, and more.

Key features provided by Prism Dispatch™ desktop route planner software:

  • daily route optimization by shortest distance with time windows; 
  • dispatching optimized schedules and delivery routes to drivers; 
  • planning and optimizing multiple routes simultaneously; 
  • redistributing stops at the customer locations from one route to another route with automatic optimization of all affected routes; 
  • visual dispatching with data visualization in tables and on the maps; 
  • playback any route from previous days to review and check the driver's work progress; 
  • visualizing the current weather on the real-time map; 
  • tracking customer order status, vehicle activity, and driver’s work time; 
  • customization to meet business needs; 
  • easy integration with: 
    • MiniMate™, ServQuest™, and other Prism VS desktop software packages; 
    • QuickBooks, AccountMate, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other accounting software.

Key features provided by the MiniMate™ mobile route planner application:

  • automatical uploading the last-minute work orders and changes in schedules and routes; 
  • getting from the office the turn-by-turn direction to the customer locations;
  • real-time communication with the office employees; 
  • the standalone database allows servicing customers without the Internet connection; 
  • collecting customer payment and signature on the job at client locations; 
  • using the barcode scanning for proof of delivery;
  • easy integration with: 
    • Prism Dispatch™, ServQuest™, and other Prism VS desktop software packages; 
    • GPS, Google Maps, and Bing Maps; o QuickBooks, AccountMate, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other accounting software.
delivery route planner software

The MiniMate™ delivery route planner application can benefit distribution and delivery companies, maintenance and field service organizations, commercial transportation businesses, individual truck drivers, sales representatives, real estate agents and other businesses and entrepreneurs.