MiniMate™ Delivery Route App [Main Features of Prism VS's Mobile Software]

MiniMate mobile delivery route application

If you want to optimize your fleet's performance and made your route management easier, you are in the right place. Since the day of foundation, Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been developing route management solutions that help delivery companies to maximize revenue on every spent gallon.

We know that the most cost-efficient way to meet commitments to customers is the effective route planning. Therefore, our professional team has developed the Prism Dispatch™ software system that quickly and easily optimizes the delivery route with multiple stops.

The best delivery route can be created only in the case of taking into account many different factors such as customer locations, a number of needed stops, preferred time of delivery, which vehicle can be used for performing the delivery, road traffic, driver's experience, and, finally, driver's equipment. So, creating the optimized delivery route is the first, very important step. If you want the driver to perform the delivery according to the optimal route, you have to equip your worker with instructions: route and consecutive stops on the route, customer locations and contact information, current equipment and equipment history, invoices and account balances, and many other.

Specially designed for mobile handheld devices, the MiniMate™ delivery route app gives companies the possibility to equip their field employees with information that is necessary to fulfill their job in the most effective way. If you want to have quicker results with lower costs and better accuracy, the Prism Dispatch™ route map optimization software and MiniMate™ delivery route app are the right solutions for you.

Prism Dispatch™ route map optimization software and MiniMate™ delivery route application allow:

  • decrease the time spent on the delivery route planning; 
  • reduce miles to drive to customer locations; 
  • increase the number of customers orders that can be fulfilled; 
  • decrease the drivers' overtime; 
  • reduce running costs and more.

Main features provided by the MiniMate™ route application:

  • providing delivery drivers with up-to-date information for their day's tasks; 
  • integrating this the Prism Dispatch™ route map optimization software; 
  • standalone database on the mobile handheld device enables working without the Internet connection; 
  • connecting with Google Maps allows using instructions for driving to the customer locations along the optimal route; 
  • collecting digital customers’ signature and payments via cash, check, or credit card; 
  • tracking the delivery driver location and work time; 
  • real-time updates always delivery drivers being informed about the work order’s status; 
  • barcode scanning; 
  • printing to a mobile printer or email invoices.
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