Meat, Poultry, and Fish Distribution

meat distribution


  • Work Planning and Delivery Scheduling
  • Visual Dispatching and Route Optimization
  • Purchasing and Customer Order Management
  • Unpreserved Products Management 
  • Inventory Traceability and Replenishment 
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Tracking
  • Web Store and Android Mobile Application
  • Customer Specific Pricing and Invoicing 
  • Vendors Management and CRM 
  • Mobile Payment and Signature Collecting
  • Integration with Accounting Software
  • Data History and Real-Time Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Optimize your scheduling process with powerful software tools. Manage daily work by organizing tasks by status: new, in progress, and completed. Assign work orders to available drivers and distributors with the right skills and experience to get the best results. View schedule and set dependencies by using drag and drop. Customize dashboards to see the data you want. Automatically send schedules and their updates to drivers and reminders to clients to keep everybody informed.

route management software Route Management

    Automate your route planning; create optimized cost-effective multiple-stop routes in minutes. Provide drivers and distributors with special instructions and turn by turn directions; dispatch built routes to your employees’ mobile devices. Automatically send route updates for the last-minute changes and emergency stops. Enable your drivers to reach delivery destinations as quickly as possible. View reports see planned and actual routes to help your drivers make route adjustments.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Understand your customers' needs and wants to improve relationships with your clients and increase their satisfaction. Manage an unlimited number of contacts, collect customer order history, and monitor all customer interactions and activities. Keep customers informed about the progress of their orders. Provide flexible pricing: standard, quantity break, contract, retail, customer-specific, case, or promotional. Establish tiered-price by unit, weight, or batch.

meat inventory  Inventory Management

    View, control, and report about products’ sources, weight, expiration date, inspection, and quarantine information. Assign specific lot numbers for every product and batch and use the barcode reader to monitor inventory coming, moving within, and going out of the warehouse. Sell the same product by the batch, weight, item, or case. Track batches shipped to retailers or back to suppliers by lot numbers. Forecast future sales and plan inventory requirements to prevent low and overstock level.

Mobile app Mobility

    Use MiniMateTM mobile app designed to improve your warehouse staff and distributors’ productivity at the lowest cost for your company. Easy to use mobile software with screens designed to maximize speed and reduce labor costs enables barcode reading, creating, printing, and emailing orders and invoices, collecting payments, capturing signatures for proof of delivery, communicating with a dispatcher, using Bing Maps, performing delivery without the Internet connection, creating reports, and more.

Web Solution Web Customer

    Enable your clients to simply create online orders on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Add Web Customer to your company's existing website and have full control of web sales. User-friendly web store allows users to create secure accounts, view products with descriptions, images and prices, place orders, perform secure payments, request deliveries, see the estimated time of delivery, print invoices, track the status of made orders, place product review, and view purchasing history.

order management Order Management

    Give your customers the ability to make orders across multiple channels: in-person, by phone, fax, mail, online, or from your catalog. Automate and control every stage of order processing from the customer purchase to shipping and delivery sold products. View orders' progress on-screen by status, resolution, the date of entering, due date, description, customer, contact name, or phone number. Highlight special orders that require more attention or are timelier or more significant than others.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Quickly access critical information and get needed data in a way you want it. Use standard and create customized reports. Collect, organize, store, and manage documents and data history. Share information in popular file formats. Have quick access to the data within categories such as sales, purchases, inventory, work orders status, invoices, performed deliveries, etc. Analyze data history to diagnose overall business running, monitor progress toward business goals, and make proactive, profitable decisions.

Single ERP System Integration

    Integrate your accounting software system with Prism VS's software solutions and keep your data synchronized between multiple applications. Create a single system that enables managing, monitoring, accounting, and reporting of all operations related to meat, poultry, or fish distribution. Warehouses, fleet, contracts, inventory, products' quality, sales, purchases, customer orders, work orders, recalls, deliveries, expenses, and finances are under full control.

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