Maximize Customer Value by Using Prism Visual Software’s CRM App

Improve your business relationships with Prism's CRM app.

Improving business relationships with customers is one of the key components that help to increase sales and achieve business success.

Professionals give different recommendations about how to improve communication with customers, including the ways such as:

  • Contact customers regularly by contacting by phone, email, and social media including blog posts; sending friendly reminders and product news, and others. 
  • Build trust with customers by providing honest and politeness, showing your competence and ability to act for mutual benefits. 
  • Practice the combination of outbound and inbound marketing: outbound marketing focuses on going to the customer locations and showing them products and services; inbound marketing based on the practice when customers come to you (to your retail store, office, company).

Information is the main thing you need. As more, you know about your customers better.

Your customer locations, gender, needs, preferences, and requirements. You should collect information about customers as more as possible. We have developed customer relationship management – CRM applications that allow companies to compile information about customers across different channels and points of contact between customers and the company via inbound and outbound call centers, direct mail, website, live chat, marketing materials, and social media. So, our CRM applications give organizations details:

  • the personal information about customers, 
  • the customers’ purchase history; 
  • the customers’ buying preferences and concerns.

Consolidating the customer information and needed documents into a single database gives users of Prism VS’s mobile CRM software:

  • easy access to the customer information anytime;
  • recording all customer interactions realized via various channels; 
  • automating workflow processes, including automation the repetitive tasks, contact center, calendars, alerts, and more; 
  • tracking business performance based on the logged information.

The main benefits of using our CRM applications:

  • maximizing customer value; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction and retention; 
  • identifying and eliminating the pain points of business operations; 
  • reducing inefficiencies and making the sales force more efficient;
  • reducing costs, including customer acquisition costs; 
  • increase revenues.
Prism VS’s CRM app